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Lot 14 - Conventional Embryos

Genetic Excellence Bred Heifer and Embryo Online Sale

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Sold for $400.00/Conventional Embryos

Additional Information

Dam WCR Ms Design 7228
Dam Reg Num F1069520
Sire LHD Cigar E46
Sire Reg Num M434790
Bw Epd 2.5
Ww Epd 32
Yw Epd 49
Milk Epd 13
Mtnl Epd 29
Location Of Animals Paynesville, MN
An exciting opportunity here! This mating combines the proven sire Cigar by one of the most popular donors at Double-H and a former pick of the Wienk herd. Design is massive middled, easy fleshing and very maternal. Imagine what this mating can do for your herd.