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Lot 1 - Open Heifer

[11/16/17] Charolais Auctions - North Grove Charolais 2nd Annual Northern Gals Online Sale


Sold for $12,750.00

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Additional Information

Name NGC Melania 637D ET
Dob 9/17/2016
Reg Num EF1239810
Dam M6 MS 761 NANCY 6100 P ET
Dam Reg Num EF1061246
Sire Reg Num M835612
Ce 0.4
Bw 0.9
Ww 40
Yw 70
Milk 16
Mtl 36
Tsi 210.76
Location Of Animals North Grove Charolais, Grove City, MN


Wow, what a unique outcross pedigree to today most popular pedigrees we got with this big time donor prospect. This 6100 x LT Venture daughter is a powerhouse, neat made, and just a tank! Look at her balance EPDs, her video, and her pedigree. We think this is going to be the next great donor, and because of that we are only offering 1/2 embryo interest in Melania.