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Lot 11 - Conventional Embryos

[04/05/18] Charolais Auctions - Double-H Charolais Genetic Excellence Online Sale


No Bids

Status Closed
Lot Opens 4/5/18 7:00 AM (CDT)
Lot Closes 4/5/18 7:00 PM (CDT)
Base Price $350.00/Conventional Embryos
Minimum Bid Increment $50.00/Conventional Embryos
Quantity 3 Conventional Embryos
Extension Time 5 minutes

Bidding status last updated at: 6/23/18 6:48:10 PM (CDT)
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Additional Information

Dam CJC MS Cigar U124
Dam Reg Num F1100656
Sire WIA-Conley Insider D9 P
Sire Reg Num EM881298
Location Of Animals Paynesville, MN
Bwepd 0.7
Ww Epd 31
Yw Epd 53
Milk Epd 16
Tm Epd 34


Performance, calving ease, function, high demand cattle. This is a mating that can work on all fronts. This big powerful Cigar daughter has all the milk and body you could ask for and combined with the showring dominance of both Turton and the mother to Outsider you will have performance calves that you enjoy looking at every day. Let's see what great things can happen when you cross the pick of the DeBruycker herd with some up and coming genetics!